Sun loving fairy garden plants

Sun loving fairy garden plants

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Sun loving fairy garden plants have a lot to offer you. The flowers have a lot of colour and are very fragrant. Some may be suitable for small gardens. Some, like sunflowers and petunias, do well in large gardens.

There are many varieties of sun loving plants to choose from. The list below will help you find one suitable to your garden.

Some sun loving plants will grow best in a sunny position, some will grow well under the shade of a tree or tree-top but will suffer if they are in full sun, while others will do well anywhere and in all circumstances.

It is worth choosing a sun loving plant that will give you a great deal of enjoyment for a long time to come. If you only have a small garden, one or two sun loving plants will offer you more than you need to make the garden look and smell very pleasant.

We have already published a guide to planning a garden which will help you work out what sun loving plants you need and how to make the best use of your space and garden. This article is about the best choices for your garden.

Sun loving plants for an English garden

A garden is one of the most rewarding parts of a home. It gives pleasure to the senses, it brings beauty into the home and can be a place for family enjoyment, relaxation and enjoyment.

In the autumn and winter garden can be particularly attractive. The colours are beautiful and the plants are usually very fragrant.

However, in the summer months, flowers and plants are usually less attractive. There is not the contrast between greens and other colours to make the garden look as attractive.

There are many plants that have a great deal to offer, especially in the summer. Some can be grown all year round and will offer great seasonal interest in the summer garden, others do well in the garden when plants are not in flower and others are summer flowering plants that can look very attractive and very much at home in the summer garden.

Some of the sun loving plants that can be grown in the English summer garden include:


Fuchsia is a genus of over 100 species of flowering plants in the rose family. The genus name Fuchsia is thought to be an acronym for “fuchs, florencentes, kardinalis” or “fuchs, flower-bearing, cardinal”. The Latin word ‘florin’ means flower, while the word ‘cardinal’ describes the plant’s flower which is usually red with a single, long petal.

Many species of Fuchsia are commonly called “creeping” fuchsia as some species grow in rosettes of about 20 cm diameter and grow from an underground stem. They can grow to 25 cm tall and have deep green, thick leaves.

This is a very fragrant plant, so do not grow it if you live next to the toilet. A plant of this nature can be difficult to control and tends to spread with time and with the passing of seasons.

The flowers can be pink, white, purple, red or rose red. They are borne on a terminal, long style and have 5 petals. The flowers are strongly scented and are pollinated by flies.

Fuchsia can be grown in rockeries, beds or containers and does well in well-drained soils. The roots can be planted in autumn, spring or summer depending on which type you have purchased.

Some of the common names for this plant include:







Torenia is a genus of the family Loganiaceae. They are all dicotyledonous plants. They have thick, leathery and aromatic leaves. Flowers have a bract around the base and each have five sepals and petals. The calyx and the corolla are free. They are highly fragrant and can be reddish or white.

There are about 300 species in the genus and many of these are used in medicine. They are found throughout Africa, Australasia, America and Asia. The name Torenia comes from Torenia and was once a genus of plant.

Torenia orchids are ideal for a container plant. They are not as vigorous as some of the larger varieties but make up for this with their amazing fragrance and the fact they can flower all year. They grow best in well-drained soils.

Torenia orchids are not the easiest to grow but they are worth the effort. Many species have multiple flowers with bright, clear petals that reflect the light. They come in a number of colours including yellow, orange, red, pink and even white. They make wonderful cut flowers.

Torenia orchids do best when planted in a warm, sheltered location. They need some rain in the spring and summer and in the fall and winter they like drier conditions. In cooler locations they will bloom sporadically.

The Torenia orchid is a very valuable species. Some varieties, such as T. grandis, are even endangered and need to be cultivated under strict conditions. These orchids make excellent cut flowers and are very easy to grow in pots or beds.

Torenia orchids are the most sought after houseplant in Australia. They make excellent containers and are used to great effect in landscape design. The best plants for the job are the Torenia flava or T. grandis.

Orchid enthusiasts are known to wait for years for the arrival of these amazing orchids.

A Torenia grandis specimen (left) versus a Torenia flava (right)

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Stephen is a horticulturalist, designer and writer who specializes in orchids, cacti and succulents. His love for this plant world began in 1975 when he purchased his first cacti. Since then he has been studying the growing and caring for orchids, succ

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