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Bulk garden plants

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Welcome to our special offer plants page with lots of plants, evergreen screening trees and hedging on sale at large discounts! At Paramount Plants, we have a continuous stock of hedging plants, trees and ornamental shrubs on special offer. As we are constantly refreshing our nursery stocks, we regularly need to make room for our new arrivals of trees and shrubs. This is largely what determines which plants we have on sale.

  • Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery
  • Specializing in trees, shrubs, perennials, mosses and ferns.
  • Welcome to Art's Nursery!
  • Landscape Design and Wholesale Plant Nursery
  • Growing With You for Over 100 Years
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Herbs: Plant herbs that thrive in cool weather. Some examples include parsley, thyme, sage, dill, fennel, and cilantro. Vegetables: Reliable cool-season vegetables to plant this month include celery, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, and carrot.

Blooms: Showy panicles of small yellow flowers emerge in […]. Dianthus, petunia, and pansy are good annuals for the fall garden. Herbs: You can plant herbs that tolerate the warm temperatures of early fall, such as Mexican tarragon, mint, rosemary, and […]. Herbs: Herbs that can be planted from plants not seeds include bay laurel, ginger, Mexican tarragon, and rosemary.

Vegetables: Tomatoes, beans, […]. Florida is known for its sudden downpours, especially in the summertime. Rain brings needed moisture but can also cause problems in the landscape. Heavy rains can damage tender plants, wash away mulch, and erode soil from around plant roots. Injured or dead plant parts should be pruned immediately after a storm to allow the plant […]. Read More. Inventory , Trees. Gardening Tips. Older Entries.


Our Christmas trees are in! We offer flocking and delivery. Pick out a holiday wreath and garland or make your own from our supply of freshly cut greens, branches and holly. Happy Holidays! And of course, advice. We have plant experts here to help you! Over the past 50 years we have grown with the community and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and highest quality plant material available.

Find what you need and save big on bulk products for your landscape. This plant friendly, bark material is produced mostly from red and white oak and.

Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery

With over 40 years as a nursery grower and wholesale plant broker , Greenwood Nursery provides wholesale nursery plants and seedlings pricing to conservation districts, garden centers, nursery brokers, landscapers , lawn maintenance services , builders, contractors , wholesale nurseries, environmental companies as well as other businesses working within the plant trade. We take the pressure and frustration of sourcing out plant stock away you and your staff plus save your company money in locating and coordinating deliveries right to your project sites. We can easily source large plant stock for your landscape projects saving you time and money to work on new projects. We always do our best to accommodate late season orders. We offer more than other southern wholesale nurseries. If we don't grow it, we can most likely locate what you need through out wide network of excellent growers. If you don't find the plant variety or size that you require for your project, please email us with your business information and want list containing plant varieties, sizes, quantities and estimated delivery date.

Specializing in trees, shrubs, perennials, mosses and ferns.

Learn more. Welcome to Tendercare Nurseries! We offer more than mature plants, specimen trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials on a acre site situated in Southlands Road, Denham, Buckinghamshire. Lucky for you, we also offer design and garden installation services to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Our mission is to champion success for your landscape and gardening goals. We love helping you choose new plants and supporting your care for your current garden.

Welcome to Art's Nursery!

Pune, Maharashtra. Company Video. Patna, Bihar. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.

Landscape Design and Wholesale Plant Nursery

Each month we will be publishing a new essay telling the story of TOLN. Wholesale services for landscape industry professionals, ecological restoration and more. Visit our retail shop for plants, books, pottery and all things "California". California native plant design and installation is available for south Orange County. Sign up for our email newsletter and be the first to know about workshops, events, sales, and more. And we can take a break from garden chores for a personal recharge on a cold windy trail, or curled up with a good book near a warm fire. Read More. Forecast: Continued dry and unseasonably warm with no chance of rain.

Easy plant deal network is a wholesale plant nursery and you can easily buy and sell plants online with us.

Growing With You for Over 100 Years

Your one-stop solution for hardy nursery stock in the Milton Keynes area. Are you looking to buy wholesale garden supplies in the Milton Keynes area? Look no further than Acorn MK Nurseries.

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Pay online without entering sensitive information. Security Metrics Tested Quarterly tested to ensure high security standards. All rights reserved. This web site is owned and operated by Kernock Park Plants Ltd. Company registration No.

Please note: the nursery will be closed for Christmas between Thursday 23rd December and Wednesday 5th January. Wishing all of our customers a safe and joyful festive season, and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

San Marcos Growers is a commercial wholesale nursery and does not sell directly to the public , but we do sell to nurseries and landscape professionals throughout California - visit our Sales Policy Page for more information about what criteria we use to determine whether an individual or company is in the wholesale nursery trade. For the location of the retail nurseries that we sell to, listed by area within California, please visit our Retail Nursery Locator. If in the nursery or landscape profession, please request a password to view price information by clicking on "New User" at the top right of any page on this website. Please note that we only ship using our own trucks and only within California. Search Utilities.

The Farplants group is a co-operative of four West Sussex growers, each with their own specialism. This means we can offer an extensive range with outstanding quality. From small beginnings in , our group now grows over 11 million plants a year on 70 hectares acres of covered and outdoor production units.