Manufactured landscape stone

Manufactured landscape stone

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Each one of our products is meticulously engineered to meet the Cultured Stone standard. Our diverse and extensive product list draws inspiration from a variety of time periods and geographic locations, enabling you to execute your vision precisely as you see fit. Hewn Stone brings the chic solemnity of castle-work to modern architecture with rough textures and smooth colors. Residential or commercial. Large-scale or small. Trained as plasterers, Garrett and Floyd Brown recognized the need for a new kind of building material—a stone veneer that not only mimicked the look of real stone, but actually improved upon it with more consistent color, quality, and weight.

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It’s Built with Midland

Concrete pavers and patio slabs have been a staple in the landscaping industry for decades. Manufactured concrete allows homeowners to select from a variety of styles, colors, and sizes and create eye-catching patterns that make your outdoor space more inviting. These manufactured slabs are recognized for their durability and resilience over time. If you have an outdoor paving project coming up and want to explore our selection of concrete pavers and slabs, click on the button below to view our gallery.

We have a huge selection of manufactured blocks and stones for retaining walls and steps. So many choices brought to you by top notch manufactures of the industry. Let our professionals at Rock Shoppe help you decide which material, natural or manufactured stone, will be best for your project. Flagstone is basically any flat rock.

It is available in multiple types of rocks - sandstone, limestone, quartzite, granite, marble and more. It's perfect for building patios, walkways, pool decks, steppingstones, steps, and walls caps for fireplaces and columns.

Flagstone can be found in a variety of thickness from less than 1 inch to more than 2 inches and in a variety of colors. These pavers are perfect for creating stepping paths or patios in your yard. Lucky for you, Rock Shoppe has an incredible selection of flagstone slabs and pavers for you to choose from. View our gallery by clicking on the button below and then visit our shoppe in Plymouth, MI to see and feel them yourself. Are you intending on building a wall or stone path on your property?

Wall stones made of limestone, granite or flagstone add a slice of beauty to your home and yard as a natural-looking element as though it has always been there. These stones are flat and made for stacking. These are also the perfect slabs to build firepits, and outdoor kitchens with. Our associates at Rock Shoppe will help you determine how much material you will need to complete your project and are always here to offer you help and advice when it comes to best practices and giving you new ideas.

Explore our natural stone and slab gallery and then contact us today to get started! We are here to help you identify exactly what you need to turn your yard into your personal oasis. Manufactured Concrete Pavers and Patio Slabs Concrete pavers and patio slabs have been a staple in the landscaping industry for decades. Blu 80 Smooth Techo Bloc. Borealis Techo Block. Manufactured Concrete Pavers Slabs. Oaks Concrete Molina.

Triple H Covington. Triple H Highthorn Bella Border. Triple H Plank Slab. County Materials Brick Pavers Steps. G-Force Wall Techo Bloc. Manufactured Brick Pavers Steps. Manufactured Retaining Walls Steps. Aqua Blue Quartzite. Black Knight Quartzite. Black Slate Semi-Cut. Blue Slate. Canadian Economy. Canadian Premium. Canadian Premium 2 inch. Chilton Large. Chilton Small. Dove Grey Quartzite. Flagstone- Ohio Bluestone 1 inch.

Fon Du Lac Large. Granite Boulder Slices. Irregular Red Vermont Slate. Laguna Quartzite. Mint Swirl. Pennsylvania Antique. Pennsylvania Irregular 1. Pennsylvania Snapped. Pompeii Ash Quartzite. Premium Pennsylvania Tumbled. Red Sandstone. Red Semi-Cut Vermont Slate. Steel Gray Quartzite. Thin Quartzite. Tru Blu Pennsylvania Irregular. TrueBlu Pennsylvania Irregular. Black and White Granite Step. Bluestone Step. Buff Canadian Steps. Chilton Weathered Edge.

Dark Canadian Step. Dark Canadian Step 4. Dark Canadian Step 6. Lakeshore Terrace Slab. Lannon Step. Montana Slabs. Montana Terrace Slab. Natural Stone Steps. Terrace Slab - Lannon. Thermal Bluestone Steps. Thick Sawn Limestone. Place Your Landscape Supply Needs in the Knowledgable Hands of We are here to help you identify exactly what you need to turn your yard into your personal oasis.

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Which Is Better for Your Project: Natural Stone or Manufactured Stone

We carry both manufactured stone and natural stone from a number of natural stone suppliers. Do-it-Yourself or select what you want and have your contractor purchase everything needed to finish the job perfectly! Read More. Whatever outdoor living amenities your looking for Powell Stone has you covered.

Jan 20, - Our Manufactured Stone is sourced from the best suppliers who are known for Driveway Pavers, Outdoor Landscaping, Concrete Driveways.


Due to the variety of computer monitors and desktop color printers, combined with the limitations of Internet technology, the perception of products diplayed on this website varies. Manufactured stone — sometimes called cultured stone or artificial stone — is a discerning alternative to natural stone for stone walls. Modern is proud to partner with the following brands that make high-quality manufactured stone. Contact a Modern Builders Supply representative for more information. Creative Mines offers the finest selection of Crafted Masonry Veneer and Natural Masonry Veneer for any exterior, interior or landscape project. Made of lightweight aggregate materials, Cultured Stone products are available in more than 21 textures and more than colors. Get Directions Request Literature. Color Disclaimer Due to the variety of computer monitors and desktop color printers, combined with the limitations of Internet technology, the perception of products diplayed on this website varies. We recommend visiting Modern Builders Supply in person to verify color choices. Download Brochure PDF.

Proud Distributors of Stone and Brick

Want your landscape to have a premium appearance? Adding some stone accents, surfaces, and retaining walls are a great way to go. Manufactured stone is typically made from molded concrete that is then colored with paint to mimic different types of stone. Piece for piece, manufactured stone tends to be lighter and less expensive than natural stone. This also makes installation easier and cheaper.

Click the above logo to view the Eldorado Stone Products Brochure. Every piece of Eldorado Stone is cast from a special mold of an actual natural stone.

The Only Real Choice in Stone

Distinctive elegance. Our seemingly endless supply of brick styles and choices, coupled with reliable availability of exceptional materials adds up to extraordinary residential projects that stand out for their beauty, stunning design and long-lasting durability. Elegancia distintiva. Form, function and beauty. From high rises to schools, hospitals to office parks, IBC has the capability and the capacity to expertly handle your largest projects and do it in a way that ensures the entire process is seamless and successful.

Manufactured Stone Units

Need a quote on multiple floors? Click here. We only choose the best partners for our manufactured stone. We know that a home is an investment as well as a place to enjoy and entertain. From pavers to retaining walls, we provide the most reliable manufactured stone at the highest quality… stone that lasts decades — all at the great prices that you have come to know from Stonewood Products. Retaining Walls.

Midwest Block & Brick manufactures and distributes concrete block, retaining walls, pavers, brick, stone, and other masonry and landscape products.

Cultured & Manufactured Stone

Whether surrounding your fireplace or accenting your home, stone adds detail and value like few other materials. We carry a wide variety including: cultured, natural, brick, and landscaping stone. A manufactured cultured stone veneer is perfect for the interior or exterior of your home.

Natural Stone Vs. Manufactured Stone

Livingston Farm truly believes that architects and designers need to have manufactured materials in order to create opportunities where they can explore the potential of their imagination. With our Vermont, New York and New Hampshire thin veneer we are prepared to design our community with a product that disrupts the norm and leaves its mark for centuries to come. Oaks products are manufactured by Brampton Brick , a world-leader in brick manufacturing. These high-density concrete products are manufactured under rigid quality assurance standards to resist cracking and damage from freeze-thaw and salts. Other available stone products include blue stone , natural stone, landscape edging stone and more. Explore the Oaks catalog for pricing on manufactured stone products or contact us today.

Our selection is always being updated, so be sure to contact us to learn more about the latest stone products in our inventory. Stop by today to view our extensive inventory of stone veneer products in an array of colors, textures, and shapes.

Give your outdoor space the beauty that it deserves. See all ProVia Manufactured Veneer colors and styles. Rectangle Blend. Rectangles Blend. Your stone patio needs a color that fits your environment and the personality of your home. American Stone has patio stone in beautiful sandstones and durable quartzites. Water Washed Flagstone.

History is full of trends and cycles especially when it comes to architecture and home aesthetics. Ever since the construction of the Roman Coliseum in antiquity, stones have been used to emphasize the power of the natural world in architecture. Today, the use of stone veneer is coming back in style around the Hudson Valley.