Cottage garden plants ireland

Cottage garden plants ireland

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How to plant an English cottage garden?

Mallow, phlox and purple loosestrife - summer. The roots of cottage gardening go back to the English Tudor period - and the potted history below is intended to explain the main developments over time since then. The Dark Ages had ended and in this comparatively peaceful time, country folk were able to tend their gardens, outside the protection of the local castle walls, in the relative safety of the countryside.

Cottage humble home, small dwelling dwellers were usually poor peasants and had what we today politely call "an extremely limited budget" - they were dirt-poor and lived in abject poverty. It was the time of the European Renaissance and new plants were arriving regularly from the Americas, China and Japan. But they were only of interest to rich people, and were beyond the reach of mere peasants. Gardens for pleasure and appearance were only within the means of the wealthy - the landed gentry.

The major gardens of the period were large and often laid out in the Renaissance style - e. Hampton Court - or the romantic landscape style - e. Chiswick House and Blenheim Palace. A cottage gardener had a very small plot of land and every inch of ground available had to produce fruit, vegetables and herbs to help ensure family survival. As he had to watch the pennies, he kept his choice of plants limited to tried and trusted varieties of local, English origin.

These plants, hardy and simple all, always gave good results and are today known as "cottage garden plants".

Simply because flowers attract bees, butterflies and other insects and they in turn pollinate fruit tree blossom, vegetables and flowering shrubs, e.

Pollination is crucial for plant survival as it leads to the successful development of seed - fruit is, in effect, a pot of seeds. Growing edible crops was the objective of cottage gardening and the flowers, with their colours, pollen and fragrance, were used as a lure - their beauty was of secondary importance. Cottage gardening reached it's peak flowering season during the Victorian era -The emergence of the worker or artisan and middle classes meant that for the first time in human history, many people had the time, and a little spare cash, to indulge themselves in gardening and garden food production for their pleasure, instead of as a basic necessity of existence.

One factor hadn't changed though - the new middle classes, like the original cottage gardeners, all had small gardens. Plant knowledge was widespread and gardeners were inspired by gardening writers like Irishman William Robinson - , author of "The English Flower Garden".

Cottage garden design was influenced by the horticulturalist Gertrude Jekyll - , author of "Colour in the Flower Garden" , the creator of the colourful English garden border or herbaceous border we know so well, a grouping of plants by colour, height and flowering season. With the rise of mass distribution of foodstuffs, fruit and vegetable production were no longer the main priority in the cottage garden.

Flowers, often to the exclusion of everything else, took over the central role in the average working man's garden. We live in a time of accelerating climate change, the greenhouse effect, the "red lists of endangered species" of plants, animals, birds and insects and a polluted environment.

We've also witnessed a rapid increase of many types of childhood and adult diseases, many of which were more or less unheard of when I was schoolboy. As a teenager in the '60s, I read "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson - , the earth mother of the environmental movement in my opinion , and my eyes were opened forever to the realization that we humans were - and are - destroying our planet.

Her book led to the banning of the pesticide DDT: Rachel Carson had defeated big business and changed the policies of the WHO and national governments all over the world.

I've been a keen amateur gardener and designer all my life and in the '70s, while still working as a marketing manager, the ideas of E. Schumacher - , in his book "Small is Beautiful" , proved to me that "big" just doesn't work in organizations. The modern farming industry usually based on one type of crop, be it animal or plant - mono-cultivation, awful word isn't it? But cottage gardens are living proof that small is definitely beautiful: They rarely suffer from diseases and pests due to the wide variety of plants used in small numbers - I believe this is known as "bio-diversity" in modern-day "techno-speak.

The last stage in my discovery of cottage gardening was my first visit in to a nursery that advertised in my gardening magazine that:. If you want the usual assortment of pansies, petunias and marigolds, don't visit us as we cannot help you so and a visit will be a waste of your time. If, however, you're looking for plants that will turn your garden into a romantic place filled with flowers, birds and insects, then we can help you. That got to me - it takes guts to make such a statement in advertising.

I had to go and visit the Stam family in Ochten sorry, no link, today they live in a cottage in Ireland. At that time they were the only nursery in the Netherlands specialized in cottage garden plants, and I was converted from the first visit.

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Cottage garden

Simply select a border style you like then choose the width and length you require. Once ordered the kit arrives in 7 - 10 days including all the plants Read More Roll out and peg down bio-degradable paper plan and match 'lettered' plants with markers on paper. View Border Styles. Find out More.

Plants like iris, alliums, echinacea, roses and foxglove emphasize the cottage style of this colorful backyard garden. At Dr. Building Project Managers.

Cottage Garden Column - Small

Order in webshop or if you need to talk to us to place or discuss your order email pergolanursery gmail. Full backup on care of plants ,planting ,care ,pruning etc from our qualified team. We want you to enjoy your plants and get the most from them. Send photos ,ask questions on email and message on Instagram and Facebook! Pergola Nurseries was founded inWe operate a tree, shrub and flower nursery on our 4 acres site at Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland. We are an independent garden centre, family owned and run. We are customer oriented and driven by ambition and a love of plants. We are innovative, at the forefront of the retail nursery industry in Ireland.

12 key plants for a cottage garden

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Benefiting from high ceiling and deceptively spacious accommodation sits this three bedroom cottage which comes with some truly wonderful history. George Street, the main shopping street in Old Town, is filled with cafes and shops but also a living history museum where you can see various cottage crafts along with a blacksmith What's On 16th Century castle with ancient yew walkway for sale A 16th Century castle which boasts Scotland's oldest yew walkway and some of the country's finest gardens has come on the market.

Incense & Oil Burners

Place moss at the base of your terrarium. Victorian Green Gothic garden. England was considered the land for garden parties, with its turf of velvet softness, splendid old oaks, and its sculptured landscape gardening. Popular in the Victorian era, these once picturesque gardens used to be the equivalent to a fun-filled theme park in their day. The Gothic Cathedral. In The Garden.

Informal / Cottage

Learn more. Aultaghreagh Cottage Garden is a very colourful garden located near Dunmanway. The property is set in the beautiful scenery of West Cork, with wonderful views of the Shehy Mountains and Nowen Hill. More than 1, varieties of flowers, shrubs, trees and bulbs can be seen. The garden contains an informal woodland shade garden with native and other trees as a shelter belt. There are paths through the trees, which are planted with a variety of woodland plants.

Our garden centre specialises in helping you create your perfect garden. We have a wonderful range of exceptional quality plants, trees and garden care.

Bells of Ireland Annual Heirloom Cutting Garden Cottage Garden Flower Seeds Rare

Was it the whiff of compost? Or pique at wounding comments about "felling and disfiguring" garden trees? Either way, a traditional British fallout between neighbours has closed the TV gardener Carol Klein's nursery and pushed her celebrated muddle of cottage plants into temporary retirement. The abrupt interruption to a prospering career follows acrimony between Klein, 65, and retired businessman Len Tanner, 70, who moved in next door with his wife Zara last year.


This easy-to-grow perennial produces white or blue flowers that grow on stiff sturdy stems. It blooms in late spring to early summer, and like most cottage garden plants, bellflowers are great for cutting. A dainty-looking but easy-to-grow perennial , columbine blooms in spring and early summer. Its colorful blooms are loved by hummingbirds and gardeners alike.

Track your order through my orders. Perennial plants add colour and seasonal interest to the garden from April to November, often attracting bees and butterflies to their blooms, and making great cut flowers too.

Top 10 perennial plants

While many intricate and complex hard landscaping projects are best left to the professionals, some of the hard elements of this formal garden designed by Oliver Schurmann could be tackled by skilled DIY enthusiasts. The two interlocking raised beds define the overall formal structure of the garden and create an instant feeling of space, he explains. The garden is quite small so you want to constrain the growth of the trees. A raised bed will allow them to do this without encroaching on the roots of other plants. Drawing on his vivid imaginations to create new and cutting edge garden designs, he has won nine awards for show gardens at Bord Bia Bloom. Formal edging between paved surfaces and planting areas is not required. The plants will edge the paths and patio eventually as they spread out.

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