The duration of pregnancy in bitches is 58 - 62 days. However, there are cases of normal delivery with a deviation from the indicated dates. Such a significant difference in timing is due to the difference in mating time and the actual moment of fertilization, as well as the breed of the dog. We can say that each dog has a different pregnancy. Signs in one dog may not be seen in another. During the first half of pregnancy, fetuses develop slowly, so it is often difficult to be sure if pregnancy has occurred.

In the second half of pregnancy, the fetuses develop very quickly, which is noticeable by the increase in the volume of the abdominal cavity of the bitch. Approximately 5 - 7 days before giving birth, the bitch has a swelling of the mammary glands and a slight swelling of the perineum and external genital organs. Childbirth never comes suddenly. 12 - 24 hours before the start of labor, the bitch noticeably changes her behavior. She becomes restless, refuses food, begins to prepare herself a shelter for childbirth.

False birth

False pregnancy (gestation) is a disease associated with hormonal imbalance in the body. Some dog breeds are more likely to have false pregnancies than others. False pregnancy develops after estrus and appears after two months, that is, by the time of "childbirth". In this disease, mental and physiological disorders are observed: some dogs can prepare a "nest" for puppies, collect and "feed" toys, and even imitate childbirth. After "childbirth", lactation often occurs, which can last 2-3 weeks. Some dogs have mild symptoms, others more. You can distinguish a false pregnancy from a true one using palpation of the abdominal wall, ultrasound or X-ray. A false pregnancy is a strong stress for the bitch's body. In addition, these bitches have an increased risk of breast tumors. Medication is usually ineffective, so neutering is usually recommended for bitches prone to false puppies. Often, owners believe that false breeding will not occur and the dog will not suffer if the bitch is mated. This is a big misconception. Firstly, you will not breed a bitch every heat. And, secondly, if the dog has already fed the puppies, then her lactation will be much more pronounced than that of a non-lactating bitch.


If the mating took place, but the puppies were never born, both the male and the female may be “to blame” for this. Infertility in bitches is caused by many more reasons than in males. In addition, bitches have a physiological mechanism, which she inherited from wild ancestors, which consists in the partial or complete resorption of embryos (at early stages of gestation) under conditions unfavorable for the birth of offspring.

The causes of infertility can be roughly divided into physiological and psychological. For psychological reasons, in addition to resorption of embryos, mating "forcibly" can also be attributed: a bitch, tied forcibly, often remains sterile.

Physiological reasons associated with pathology or malformations of the genital organs for bitches and males are as follows: obesity, if the dog has already passed the "childbearing" age, infectious diseases of the genital organs; further for bitches: incorrect determination of the timing of mating, hormonal disorders (for example, changes in the concentration of estrogen in the blood) and for males: too early or too late untiing, pathological condition of the sperm: microscopic examination of the male sperm reveals abnormalities (for example, poor sperm motility) ...

Modern veterinary science is able to eliminate many of the causes of infertility. However, it only makes sense to treat high-quality producers. Literature: Blokhin G.I. and other Cynology. Textbook for universities. - M .: OOO "Scriptorium Publishing House 2000", 2001. Fateeva All about the dog. Directory. M .: OOO "Gamma Press", 2000. Evans JM, White K. Complete guide to caring for dogs. M .: "Aquarium LTD", 2000.

V. Lyavdanskaya, animal engineer, psychologist

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